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        Digital Economies Lab

        A year long exploration of the challenges and opportunities presented to the media arts by machine learning, AI and distributed computing systems.

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        A new home and a new site!

        Starting this fall, we will experiment with new programming events and bring together artists and independent designers to help test out and refine our new space.

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        Artengine knows that music makes your commute better, and so with the support of the City of Ottawa Pulbic Art Department and OC Transpo, we commissioned lol musicians to score some of your favorite bus routes. Get the App now!

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        Future Cities Report

        Check our summary report on this critil consideration of the city, technology and culture.

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        Artificial Imagination Vimeo Channel

        Full video documentation of these engaging conversations on AI, machine learning and artistic practice.

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        Unhanded Vimeo Channel

        Reflections on what it means to make material things in the 21st century.

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        Vimeo is Dead

        Listen to this debate on the state of the moving image.

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        Surrounding Sound

        Read up on the relationship between sound and space.

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